Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Things, Free Arthritis Guide

So I haven't posted in a long while due to having being busy with other things and also I haven't been in the GPT game in quite a while, so I don't know what is new and trendy right now. However, I may start to look into a few that may be new and popping up for me to try and if there are good reviews.

Anyway, I thought that I would take this blog into a different direction as well. I'm thinking possibly posting goodies that you can get for free and sent to you in the mail. I used to sign up and find some free stuff all the time and have tons of stuff that would come through the mail every other day or so and it was fun to receive them. I may also post discount code for items if they appear to be a good deal in my opinion.

Well, just something that I'm thinking about and to hopefully get this blog back to being update on ways to put money into your pockets without dishing any out if possible. I may also change the way the blog looks if I can find something that I like. Below is one freebie to start off this new part of the blog. It's for a free arthritis guide for those who may have arthritis or know someone who has it and think it would be helpful.