Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's See How ICCYCLE Goes

So I'm testing this new program out with a few other people to see if this will work in getting residual income. Basically you would get two people to sign up under you and then they would get two people to sign up under then which will create a 2x2 matrix (total of six people). So myself and others as a group looked for others who may want to try this and we would we would try to get at least get people to have at least one referral under them.

By doing this, yesterday I was able to complete my 2x2 matrix and have cycled, which is pretty exciting. I have almost earned my initial amount that I have put into the program and if I really wanted to, I could cash out the money. Well, I'm going to leave what I earned alone and see how far we can take this. So right now I'm in the second level and want to see if I can make what I've put into back and start making some residual income.

Not sure if anyone would be interested in something like this since you do have to put a small investment in it of $5. I know that I've been posting programs that are free to do, but I thought this was something interesting. But if you want to view how it works and such you can go to this link

Also if you have other programs that you do, you can promote them on Iccycle and there is a section that says you can get some free credits, traffic views and banner impression, about $20 worth of it.