Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turbo Tycoon Announcement

Get ready for Turbo Ads. Be watching your dashboard, as we will soon be adding Turbo Ads! Turbo Ads are Web Ads, that pay the network when they are clicked on!
This should help with building your network, and will begin to put money into your networks pockets. We have tens of thousands of dollars per week that we will be running through our Turbo Ads, so to qualify, you must click on the link with the ad.

You should see Turbo Ads in your dashboard sometime tomorrow. Get ready, this is just the pre-cursor to our text blasts that will be coming in a few short weeks. Turbo Ads, will give the Network thousands of dollars in commission while they wait for the Text Messages to begin.

Turbo Ads will display on the top of your dashboard, and will only be live till the clicks are fullfilled. So, it will really be first come, first serve for Turbo Ads once they begin.

Don't worry though, we have THOUSANDS of click offers that range from commissionable 4.5 cents per click to 20 cents per click. That means 49% of that will be paid out through the network.
Please let your network know. We will also send out a text message when Turbo Ads are live. I am busy setting up the technology now, so please have your network ready as we need hundreds of thousands of clicks on these ads, and every one of them will pay out through the network.
We are working to have this live for tomorrow or Thursday, so be sure to check back often. Sorry I can't tell you more, but all hands are on deck to push this technology over the next few hours.
Those of you who have built your networks early are going to be very excited when this goes live. And it is only one part of our revenue stream!