Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tips on How to Make Money on Sidetick

Here's the breakdown

Earn $15 a month/
1. Earn 1000 points each day by participating in daily discussions posted by Jenny plus

2. Checking your sidetick inbox for a message from Jenny.
(both steps 1 & 2 above have to be done in order to get the 1000 points. Doing this each day will get you at least $15 for the month)

Below will earn you even more points to make the minimum cashout of $25.

How to earn Sidetick points:
~ When you sign up you earn 2000 points
~ Every friend you refer you earn 2000 points
~ For each friend's friend you earn 500 points
~ E
very new page visited you earn 1 point
~ Every time someone sees your content you earn 1 point
~ When you open an email from sidetick you earn 1 point

Breakdown of points:
1000 points = $0.50
2000 points = $1.00
50,000 points = $25