Saturday, July 25, 2015

Red Flags Everywhere! Start-Survey is a Scam

Survey sites are a great way to earn a little extra cash and/or gift cards here and there and there are tons of them out there that you can sign up for. Even though there are plenty that are on the up and up, however, there are plenty that are time wasters and end up being a scam. One that has only been around for a few months is just that and it is called Start-Survey.

What makes Start-Survey a scam?

Here are some things that caught my attention, as well as, doing a little research on my on.
  • High minimum payout of $500
  • High amount to receive per referral: $15
  • High payment of surveys: $14 per survey completed
  • No TOS page
  • Amount of payouts they have made in such little time span
  • Domain only been registered for a year, yet company claims they have been up since 2013
  • Different URL links

Background of how its suppose to work

Here is a YouTube video that someone posted to give you a bit of background of how Start-Survey is suppose to work and how you "make money" with them. I think the guy gave a good explanation on how he felt skeptical about the survey site and I agree on what he pointed out.

What are some of the complaints?

The main complaint that are out there is that no one is getting paid once when they reach that minimum of $500. When they choose to cashout, they have to wait about 14 business days before payment is received, however, once that comes around, there is no monies. So you put in the work and get zilch at the end when you are suppose to. You can find other people complaints and opinions about Start-Survey by going to Reddit.

Survey sites that are legitimate and pays

I have a couple of surveys sites that are legitimate and pays you as promised. These are only a few that I have already mentioned on the blog previously and I hope to add to the list or make another post with others that you can take a look at yourself.

Pinecone Research - I have been paid and you receive surveys that you qualify for. They are currently looking for USA males to do surveys, females will be able to do surveys starting August 1st. Sign up here.

PaidViewPoint - Been paid a couple of times and you only receive surveys you qualify for, also. You may even receive bonus surveys. Sign up here.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes - Answer a few questions you could win cash daily. Quite simple. Sign up here.

Click here to get the basic background of these three survey sites.

Have you run into any scam survey sites?