Thursday, July 9, 2015

Free Ruffit Dog Carrier

If you have a small furry friend, this may be something that you could do. Ruffit is currently doing a giveaway for a free dog carrier.

How do you get the free dog carrier?

It's quite simple if you have people who don't mind doing the giveaway also. What you would need to do is gather 35 friends, family, whoever you choose to sign up through your unique link. Of course that sounds like a lot, but you can get your sign ups through Twitter, Facebook or email.

What if I don't have 35 friends who will sign up?

No worries on that little hiccup. If you are not able to get the 35 friends to sign up, you can get an alternative of a Ruffit gift card. For instance:

5 friends = $20 gift card
10 friends = $30 gift card
20 friends = $30 gift card
35 friends = Free Carrier

Are you ready to get your free Ruffit dog carrier? Click here to join!