Sunday, February 5, 2012

Earn $25 in Amazon Gift Cards Each Month

Swagbucks is a free program in which you are able to earn Swagbucks to redeem for cash, gift cards or merchandise. You can watch videos, take free surveys, use the Swagbucks search engine to do searches, enter swagstakes and much more. Here is how you can earn $25 a month in Amazon gift cards:

1. Make sure you download the free toolbar. When you log into the toolbar, you will earn 1 SB.

2. On the SB home page, click on daily polls. You will earn 1 SB for doing the poll.

3. On the SB home page, choose NOSO. These are No Obligation Special Offers where you would just look at ads and choose the skip button or see next offer button, until you receive a box to type in a code. Make sure you type in the code with out any spaces and you will earn 2 SBs for that. You can sign up for the offers if you are interested in them though.

4. Do a few searches in the SB search bar until you receive some SB. There will be a random amount of SBs that you can receive when you do a search. You can use the SB search bar any time throughout the day as there is no limit, but it is random on when you may get SBs or not.

5. Check your SB inbox as you random offers and free videos to watch may be in there. Some videos may be worth 3 SBs.

6. There is a link in the middle of the SB home page which you can click to watch a video and receive 2 SBs.

7. Click on Special Offers on the SB home page and choose Ad Rewards. You will be able to watch videos and earn SBs here. Make sure to watch the video carefully as there may be 2 numbers that scroll on the video that you may have to input after you finish watching it in order to receive the SBs.

8. Explore the other links on the SB home page if you would like such as the coupons, Swagbucks TV, offers, etc to earn more SBs.

Each $5 Amazon gift card can be redeemed when you have 450 SBs. You are able to redeem 5 of the $5 Amazon gift cards each month. This is a great way to help save for up those Christmas and birthday gifts!

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