Saturday, August 7, 2010


ImCrew had a launched date for August 1, then later for August 5. Now it shows that the launch is now for August 12. I'm wondering now that is it a waste of time to go further with this now since dates keep changing for the company to launch. I have some referrals in which has already put me to the minimum to payout if they were opened on the dates that they were going to open. Hmm, I guess I check back on the site when the 12th gets here and see if again they have changed it or will ImCrew open.


Jenni said...

Hi there, Jennifer over at Sidetick, I appreciate your comment on my blog I too am a member of ImCrew and I think it might just be wishful thinking, this site. It's well past August 12th and still nothing. :( On another note, I tried to sign up under you at LocalInfluencer but unfortunately the message I got from them was they are not accepting applicants from my zip code, darn... but as soon as I get the email from them that they are I promise to refer back to your comment to ensure you get credit. I am a strong believer in helping those just trying to help themselves and I think that if the online community were all more like us, it would be a happier place to do business. For now good luck with all of your ventures, and I look forward to following your blog and all of your progress. Many blessings to you and yours.

MissEb said...

'Ello :)

Never joined IMCrew. Smelt like a scam to me from the get-go so I stayed well away. Shame they haven't delivered. Sorry you were caught up in it.

When one door closes...

Nicoyle said...

Thanks for stopping by Jenni (=

MissEb, after the first change of date, I had a feeling about it that it probably was. It doesn't bother me to be a "guinea" pig for a program as long as I don't have to put money into it. That's why I stick to free programs.

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