Wednesday, July 14, 2010

June Update

So here is an update for what I have earn within the month of June. Pretty much with the GPT sites along with other online jobs that I do, I made close to $200 for the month. I earn $80 and some change from my other online work. This month I'm trying to work what I can. I did try to set a goal of $400 for this month and I'm really working hard at it. Once my classes finishes for the summer (next week) I'll be able to put in a little more time into a few of these.
I didn't update the actual total on the side since there are some in which I have to wait for a certain pay period, but I am keep totals and updating them myself with something else. I'm excited to see what my running earning amount will be for July. I think I'm already halfway to my goal for the month.